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How To Create A Proposal

We’ve got a process to help you ensure your proposal has the best chance of passing.

Autonio is a decentralized AI trading platform. It has three core components: an algorithmic trading terminal, a smart decentralized exchange, and an AI sentiment analysis module.
NIO is an Ethereum ERC-20 token that is used to access the AutoNIO trading terminal and the NIO Suite of products and services.
We raised 180 ETH or about $54,000 at that time.
You don't need any special coding skills to use AutoNIO. Any non-coder can easily begin trading with Autonio's easy to use GUI.
You can buy NIO on a variety of exchanges. It can be purchased on decentralized crypto trading exchanges such as Idex, or through traditional exchanges such as Mercatox where you can purchase NIO with Bitcoin.
We are the first of its kind, a web trading terminal. We require users to disable withdrawal feature of their exchange’s API key before adding it in Autonio hence making it secured.
82,843,300 NIO is the circulating supply.
Approximately 35 million NIO tokens were burned after the token sale, and the remaining 35 million NIO was evenly distributed among token sale buyers according to the contribution they made.
NIOX is used as a utility token to access advanced features of our products: Autonio Trading Terminal, NIOdex and NIOnet.
You will need to input your exchange API into the AutoNIO Trading Terminal in order for it to trade in your exchange. All API permissions EXCEPT “withdraw” should be enabled in your exchange account settings in order for the terminal to work.
Trading is currently supported on: Bitfinex, Binance, BitStamp, Bittrex, ETHfinex, Kraken, BitShares, CryptoBridge, GDEX, EasyDex and CryptoBridge. More exchanges may be added in the future.
NIOX Portal is a platform where DAO operations are discussed, initiated, tracked, new proposals are voted, new proposals can be submitted, staking periods and rewards are defined.
If you hold 300k NIOX or more you can become a DAO member by locking your tokens in a staking smart contract through NIOX portal.
Token swap bridge is live at NIOX portal where you can swap your NIO tokens with NIOX tokens.
Autonio Foundation has been transformed into a DAO and NIOX is the token to participate in DAO operations. Autonio team has decided to move to a one token ecosystem instead of two token ecosystems.